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  • Back-lit Beer

    f/20, ISO 160, 50 mm

    Sprayed water on the beer can to try to make it look frosty cold. Used 10 seconds of UV blacklight over head to bring out the green vaseline glass.

    Used one mirror to deflect incandescent light from camera right onto scene but off of background fabric.

    Shot in a dark room. 3 seconds on candle light at first shutter opening and then blew it out.

    Bounced spotlight off a mirror behind and left of scene to light beer glass. Finally slight amount of spotlight from left on elements (clock and beer can) to highlight them

    No flash. Not much edit, straightened, cropped and signed it. 52 seconds on a tri-pod.

    (Lit cig. is a problem. Can't do it in the house: not permitted. Applied water to cig. paper half inch up from tip. Lit cig. out doors and let it burn up to wet paper and then die out. Then brought it in the studio for picture. No smoke, no smell)

    Another problem: Beer goes flat too soon into shoot session. Solution: drop 1/4 tab of Alka Selzer into beer glass for better froth. All this is learned from 'trial and error'; lots of error. Practice, practice.

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    hmm? spade on spade??? don't know the card game. just giving you a hard time. awesome work. thanks
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      mmmmmm beeeer

      Nice shot love the lighting


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        You may want to check that bowl with a Geiger counter before you put food in it or at the very least don't offer Superman the popcorn.

        I'm kinda serious about checking it because it looks like uranium glass. Does it fluoresce under a UV light?


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          Like the shot and the scene, but the beer can looks out of place. Do you have one with out the can and smoke from the cig would have been a very nice touch. Maybe some PS magic to add it in?
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            A new version : f/20 , 54 seconds open shutter, ISO 160. at 50 mm.

            Bounced light off a mirror camera left and behind the scene to light the beer glass from behind. Shot it 12 times to finally get the shadows right; but that's "art".

            The tricky part was timing the jump-shot on the TV ....

            Just wait 'till baseball season !

            No Flash, No Photoshop.

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              frank, how did you manage to take that shot of the tv without getting lines on it?
              whenever i try and shoot the tv there are these rolling lines that appear both on the LCD (if i'm using it) and the picture.
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                Great shot Frank. The only issue I see is you ruined a good beer.


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                  I like it yet I prefer bottles to photo. The tall can sorta has a redneck feel to it. Dont get me wrong...I'll drink that too but a good looking import or even a micro brew will do the trick. Fat Tire will hold its head and has a cream look to it. Not to mention, you can drink it after the shoot.

                  I like the theme...Gonna have to try one my self.


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                    I quit smoking six months ago and only really crave them now when I'm having a cold beer. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!! Good for you on being patient with the still can be very educational!
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                      If you want to make it look cold, spray the glass and the can with clear fixative or clear gloss lacquer that comes in aerosol cans, let dry, before spraying with a fine mist of water to make the water beads hold and look really cold.