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Still life : 2 wine Glasses and Krug

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  • Still life : 2 wine Glasses and Krug

    How I took it: 2 Glasses Krug 2:

    This still life image is a little more difficult to make than it looks but once you get the hang of it , is easier than the explanation sounds. There are several challenges here: one is the controlling factor, the candle flame ; and the other is the likelihood of glare on the wine glasses. (German wine pitcher called a ‘krug’.

    I did this shot totally in the dark with no flash (not on-camera or off-camera) using a spot light during the 23 second exposure. It takes that long at f/20 and ISO 160 to properly light the scene. 85mm lens.

    The biggest problem then is that candle flame which will totally burn out the entire image after about 7 seconds burning so you have to blow it out and then finish brushing spot light on the rest of the scene until you’re satisfied that all is well lighted. A really tight f/stop is a good idea to prevent severe glare from the spot light on the glass. Getting proper shadows just takes a lot of practice. See more of my work at:

    FrankSchmidt | RedBubble