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How Do I Put My Name on Photos?

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  • How Do I Put My Name on Photos?

    I am wondering if someone could tell me how to I put my name or signature on photo's that I want to post or just share with others?

    I don't have Photoshop, just use Picasa for what little editing I do.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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    I found this tutorial for you. Hope it helps!
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      I use Picasa and Gimp, and I use Picasa for watermarking my photos. I like using the text option because it can make it look however I want. You can change the color and font. And it has this cool thing where you can change the transparency, and give it a sort of 3D look to it, by doing double colors. When you want to be able to post it on something, you have to save it in the harddrive files. ( I call them the default files ) Because when you open an uploader, it searches the files set up thru Microsoft or w/e the default thing is for Mac. *I'm a PC* lol,...You click,..File > Export picture to Folder ,...then when it comes up with the window with the file Picasa Exports, I open the file, and move it back into its original file. It'll pop up with a thing telling you thats theres already a document with that name in that file and it'll give you two options. I always go with the Remove and Replace. I have had some troubles with it sometimes saving pictures wrong. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make a copy of the photo BEFORE you do any watermarking, for this reason. If it screws up, then you've got the original and can just delete the one that screwed up, then do it again. It usually does this on photos that are taken vertically, because it auto rotates them. So when it saves them, it tries to save them in their original format.

      Hope that helps,...if Picasa is the only photo editing program you've got. I suggest getting GIMP as well. It's a free download too. It's like Photoshop, and pretty much does just about everything Photoshop does. You can get it here,. I use both, and I LOVE Gimp.

      Hope that helps.
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        Thank you both very much it was some really good information.