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Apple Killed the CD+R

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    Originally posted by UlpilotSC View Post
    Its not about saving money... It's about getting exactly what you want and not settling for less.

    Sure, anyone Can go buy a $400 pc (or a $4000 pc)... But if you truly want to understand it and feel proud of it, you have to build it.

    I can never understand those people who only want to buy off the shelf PCs or worse, laptops. Where's the fun in that?

    I love building PCs. They're just expensive.
    I'm glad you enjoy it - and yes there are some definite advantages ... but for many people they just want to specify the options and let someone do it for them. And that's OK.
    Do you have the same attitude when the time comes to replace your car?
    I bet some people love building cars and getting exactly what they want. Different folks ... different strokes.