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  • The back off his hand...

    We talk a good deal here about online image theft and how to deal with it, with the expected amount of huffing and puffing and cursing. We also occasionally out bad photographers, often in somewhat crude, brutal and inappropriate ways.

    In this article, This Guy Stole Photography From The Wrong Person… Me | Fstoppers, Lee Morris of fstoppers deals with a photo thief in such a cool, deliberate, sensible and amazingly superior way that it is a joy to behold. He never once makes an inflammatory comment on the crime or the quality of the thief's actual work...he just lets us draw the right conclusions for ourselves.
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    Have to love how it turned out at the end.
    Keith Homan

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      I'm ignoring Lee's phone calls and emails right now..... moving to Bogota. Touch base soon
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        Seems the link is now broken.
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          That's a very classy way to deal with that situation. He probably learned more from Lee's grace than he would have from being shamed.


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            Instead of bitching and calling the John names, he handled it professionally.
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              Class act. Kudos to Lee
              Rich Spears
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                The link doesn't work =(
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