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A question for Senior Photographers ... ?

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  • A question for Senior Photographers ... ?

    I have come across other Senior photographers that say they "only shoot girls" (the 1 I am referring to is a woman, btw) . While I have done some shoots for Sr guys in my business, the last 2 I have done have been crazy dramatic because of mommas & the 2 guys could care less. The shoots were not fun, for them or me. I feel like maybe I should exclusively shoot the girls, but unsure of how to express that without parents going nuts & thinking I am rude for not shooting their son. Does this make sense ? Any help or ideas is much appreciated ! Thank you

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    You haven't had any drama with the girls? I wouldn't drop an entire gender just because of a couple bad ones.
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      I have shot many of both girls and guys. Yes, the girls are usually fired up and very excited--they've been thinking about their senior pictures since the beginning of high school right!

      The guys usually could care less one way or the other--at least this has been my experience, but your job, and mine is to turn that around and make the whole thing just way too fun and way too cool. I have found if I am pumped up during the shoot this becomes a contagious type of atmosphere. Also, at the start of the session I usually acknowledge that I am aware that he probably has a long list of other places he would prefer to be and I will do everything in my power to make things as painless and fast as possible!

      I do not think I would ever consider saying that I would only shoot the girls. Yes it's usually more fun for me to shoot the girls, but hey, it's not about my happiness!


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        It took me a bit to figure it out but I thought you were talking about elderly photographers such as my self. Photographing people in it self takes a lot of patience But photographing High School Seniors... good luck with that one.
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          It's my experience in my area the girls make a really big deal about senior photos, and the guys seem to think its a waste of time. If you only want to photograph girls, just say it...
          Or you could say "I only photograph people 18 and up, parents not allowed to be present at the shoot."

          That should cut out the Over-achieving mommy BS.
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            Originally posted by UlpilotSC View Post
            Or you could say "I only photograph people 18 and up, parents not allowed to be present at the shoot."

            That should cut out the Over-achieving mommy BS.
            The problem with that is that most seniors are required to have their portraits ready for the yearbook by the first part of November. That means that most of them will still be only 17 when they are having their shoots done.
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              I read on one photographers website that she leaves the parents at home.

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                I thought this was going to be something like "what power reading glasses do you use for editing?"

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                  Its your job to make the shoots with the less enthusiastic clients good.. General chit chat and learning more about them is good normaly by the end of the shoot we are all cracking up... Yes in most cases girls are easyer but you need to learn to shoot both. Whats this about leaving parents at home? Yah liability risk also if they are under 18 you need an parent to acompany them and also to sign paper work like a model release.
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                    I don't think it a wise move to be known as a "teen girl photographer" only. That could have long term implications that will haunt you should you ever decide to change your model. And, yes, teen boys can be a PIA to shoot compared to the teen girls. But, as stated above, it's your job as a professional to work through these hurdles. What we have found is if you integrate something the young man is interested in, such as sports gear, dirt bikes, guitars, his pet, his horse, etc, he is more apt to "get into" the session. If in the discovery process with the boy you suspect he is going to be somewhat indifferent about a session, find out what his hobbies and interests are, and work them in.
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