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I need some advice on insurance companies

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  • I need some advice on insurance companies

    i am starting my photography business and i need some insureance. i know i need public Liarbility and i want something to cover me for loss of data if this was to ever occure. I have rang all the common insurance companies but the only seem to cover pubic liarbility and some have suggested a brocker.
    What do people use?

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    Pubic liarbility???
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      Originally posted by haleym77 View Post
      Pubic liarbility???
      Yep, for the photographer who says they are good but really aren't.


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        The company that I use is Hill and Usher. They underwrite a policy package called PackageChoice for Photographers.

        It covers you for liability (required by some venues)
        It covers your replacement cost if your equipment is lost or stolen or damaged.
        It also covers you if someone just wants to sue you over pictures you took! LOL

        The policy price is reasonable, and they will let you pay it out quarterly.

        Contact Richard Reyes at Hill and Usher,

        He will take good care of you.
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          I use A Plan Insurance for public liability, employee/ers liability and kit insurance.
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