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    Originally posted by Biomech View Post
    A backup camera.
    How about a backup photographer who knows what they are doing...Assuming the couple would be disappointed if they didn't get any good photos.

    Metric, does that work?

    If it's *really* low key and they aren't particularly concerned (i.e. don't know what a "good" pic is, or it's their 7th marriage and they don't particularly like each other), then extra cards and batteries and go for it. Add more requirements exponentially based upon how much they care/expect.
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      Originally posted by moreinmind View Post
      You know what sucks?

      Wedding photography.
      I'm a photojournalist for a news publication and I don't get second chances on shots. It's the first frame or nothing. If I don't get the shots I don't have a job. For some reason this is a lot less stressful than any of the two dozen weddings I've done. Weddings are the hardest type of photography I've experienced.

      That being said, I would recommend a fast lens, being totally aware of your surroundings and what's going on, shoes that don't squeak and knowing your equipment better than you know yourself and understanding its limitations.

      Good Luck!


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        Originally posted by polarismagic View Post
        If a amateur photographer wanted to attempt a low key wedding what are some things needed? What are some ideas on how to get the most out of the pictures? any other hints tips or tricks?
        You should have interest to capture the good moments and fast lenses are also needed.