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Commercial Pricing Software UK?

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  • Commercial Pricing Software UK?

    Google is not proving too fruitful at first glance, so whilst I continue to search have any of you UK photographers come across anything like FotoQuote for the UK market?

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    Is it not be easier and cheaper to phone around your competitors, pose as a customer and find out how much they are charging
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      Just get going...

      When I started out, I did a few commercial jobs, and had them under my belt, was rather pleased with myself. Then asked the clients roughly where i stood in the bidding for the job. He wasn't really supposed to tell me. I was 4 times cheaper than the next lowest bidder. So its definitely a good idea to look into pricing.

      I would however recommend doing your overheads (in extreme detail) and working out what YOU need to charge to make the money YOU need/want to earn. If I had carried on at my initial pricing, I would have come to a very quick end. I just didn't do my research/overheads!

      Hope that helps.
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