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Over 1000 image product photo shoot. Help!!!

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  • Over 1000 image product photo shoot. Help!!!

    Someone saw my work and contacted me today about a product photo shoot. They want me to shoot over 1000 images of granite and quartz slabs, 50 images of the kitchen and bath sinks that they have in stock, 75 images of the different edges they can cut on the granite slabs, some shots of the warehouse/showroom and pictures of their delivery truck and sales vehicles. I will be shooting all of this product on site and as far as moving slabs of granite, it could take a while. All of these images will be for the web only so that their customers can go online to see what they offer and the services they provide. I've researched a bit and it looks like I'd like to go for charging per image rather than an hourly rate. I'm just not sure what to charge per image. I've seen prices all over the board online. I live in the twin cities and I'm relatively new to the product photography scene. But like I said... This potential customer did see my work and approached me because he liked my work.

    Thanks for your help,

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    I charge a setup fee and a charge per piece depending how intensive the work is, but start at 10 bucks an image. $10,000 is not a bad pay day
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      Thanks man! I'm trying to get it right in camera and do as little editing as possible. A little tuning up in Lightroom but that's it. Thanks again!