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  • Another - Critique My site Please

    Web Address: JP Photography - Wedding and Portrait Photographer

    Still working on my Wedding Portfolio.

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    Only looked on my wp7. But for what its worth here is my first impression
    What's the point of the home page. Nothing on it but to pick another page to go to?
    In portfolio and pricing pages ( only ones I looked at) you're wasting real estate.
    Get more going on on your web pages, get some interaction, make people want to investigate further.
    On a plus side I like the colour scheme.


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      Weddings starting at $900
      Double this.
      Sony a200 Sony a580, Canon 500D, Canon 550D, Canon 600D, Canon 600D


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        I agree with @Mottyboy , love the colour scheme but for a website trying to advertise your business and get customers, more information is needed. if I was having a wedding, I would want to know more about you, more about your work and how it goes rather than liking you Facebook page.

        I love the pictures, good that you're adding more.

        I also agree with @Biomech ,I mean, I don't know the rightful prices iff my life depended on it, but I know that he knows his stuff, listen to him
        I am a young, beginner photographer with an interest in garden and trick photography.
        See my Flickr for more of my work.


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          Thanks guys. I'm going to try to put a slideshow on the front page, and add more personal information. Just have to figure out how to use this Wordpress template better lol, slightly confusing.