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Need Help on Logo for my Photography Website

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  • Need Help on Logo for my Photography Website

    Hi All,

    This is my first post in this forum. I don't have any experience in the photography but I am sure I can learn with the time and practice.

    I need your help in finalizing the logo I have created for my new photography website where I will feature photographs clicked by me.

    Let me know what do you think of all options, which one to choose or any edits? And most important, which logo will go in long run ))

    Waiting to see some responses

    P.S. : I am not good in logo designing too :-D

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    All of them are good. I personalty like logos that are easy to read so I prefer option 1. A myth about web sites. A web site does not attract customers. It's very much like a yellow page ad in that people need to be looking for you first.


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      I quite like the second one. It's simple, and recognizable. The first one is nice, but what does the hat have to do with your brand? While it might represent you, it could be confusing to people (like me) who are new to you and your work, so unless it fits in your overall brand, it seems a little confusing. The third one is ok, but perhaps a tad boring. I really like #2 though!
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        @ajaxcrypto : Thanks for the suggestion mate. However, I am into digital marketing from a long time so I have another opinion about website

        @CarissaLyn : Actually, I thought the same way when making the first option "What cap has to do with photography? Don't know I liked it so presented here.

        Personally, I like the second option too so I think I should go with that.

        But, still I will look for more suggestions or any changes in these options!


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          I have to agree with CarissaLyn's comment on #1, I don't understand what the hat represents. I like the typography of #2. However, using the script in #3 gives it a more personal feel. So I have to go with #3 as my favorite.


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            i would say its between #1 and #2 while #3 looks nice it might be harder for some to read the name in script. I would say #2 is the best.


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              For someone claiming to not be very good at this, I'd say you produced three pretty good solutions here.

              option 1 pros: The translation of the hat is very well done. It has great weight to it, easy to recognize and I could see you being able to use that mark in a variety of ways on lots of different marketing materials.

              option 1 cons: I tend to agree with everyone else as far as I'm not sure what the hat has to do with photography. I think you could over come this confusion, but it would take time and a great deal of marketing in your area.

              option 2 two: This mark is more to the point. I can tell right off that this is photography. It looks clean and has a professional feel to it. I can see this mark working for many different types of photography as well. The flip of the "h" is a great subtle way of telling viewers that you are a fun, creative person. I think those are qualities many people want to see in their photographer.

              option 2 cons: I know you have created this for the purpose of a website, but you have to think bigger than that when creating a logo. Whose to say you won't be wildly successful, and need to put your logo on more things in the future. Store front, shirts, pens, marketing materials, etc. I know it fits and looks good in there, but I'm worried that with your name trapped in that rectangle space it won't reduce well at all. If that logo was on say a newspaper ad at an inch or so in width, will anyone still be able to read your name?

              option 3 pros: Simple and versatile.

              option 3 cons: I can tell that the amount of time spent creating this one does not equal the other two. It is still nice, but extremely generic and is your least successful attempt.

              Overall, my choice is option 2. If I was designing for you, my next step would be to go back and create 3 versions of option two. I'd want to see if I could fix the name issue with out loosing any of the positives I listed. I think it can be done and I think you are off to a great start. As far as logos that I've seen designed by photographers, these are some of the most successful ones. Honestly . . . well done.

              Hope this info helps.


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                Number 2 for me as it's the only one that has anything to do with photography
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                  I like the font in option 3 - what is it?
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                    I like the second option in greyscale. Unique and classy.
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                      I also very much like the font in option 3, and am drawn to both option 2 and 3. I think it then comes down to your personal style and which of the two would be an accurate reflection of you and your work.
                      I would have loved to have known you to design mine! Nice work on these