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Yet another how much have a sold myself short?

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  • Yet another how much have a sold myself short?

    Im expecting to get crap for this one but Im hopeful it will be worth it. I usually photograph amateur racing events when i responded to a craigslist ad about an on-staff exotic car photographer position for a start-up used exotic car dealership.

    Basically my goal is 40-50 pictures of each car for use on their website and where they place the vehicle for sale. Once they are sold the photos are removed. Im a die hard car guy so the product is very interesting and based on what i have read my hourly rate is on the lower end of what dealerships pay for on-staff photographers. They are very pleased with the way their vehicles are being represented and I know i can hone my craft to provide even better photos.

    Now they want me to produce a video for each car that will be placed on the web along with the photos, provide content for their online presences (facebook, twitter, etc), and manage their blog.

    Im looking for input. Currently im 1099 for the services. I would enjoy being actually on staff (w-2) and Im thinking of asking for a raise in hourly rate plus a commission on the profit of each car sold. (Car salesmen usually make 20-30% + a pack (set amount not subject to commission)). That way if the dealership is slow during the winter there is less of an added cost, but when they succeed i succeed.
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    Well, to tell you the truth......real estate agents and car dealerships don't pay much at all. For the amount of time you'd put into this is not worth what they are willing to pay you.
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      Currently it averages about 100 per car with about 20 cars per month. Not much agreed but it is steady work and with the video i would be busy for some time. Ideally i would just go for a salary. Do you think there would be an opportunity for stock image production alongside?
      Cannon 7D 28-135mm, 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM, 430 EX II


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        If you are just a photog to them, I can't even imagine them thinking salary or commission.
        There are some circles that don't have much regard for services like photo or video (usually the one's who are hustling themselves to make a buck, or maximizing there profit).
        They just view us as another hustler.
        Sometimes the bread and butter requires us to put up with things and then someday the rare and ideal client comes our way and life becomes real sweet.