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  • Critique My site Please

    Hey everyone just launched the site yesterday and wanted some Critique on it, Honest opinions no hard feelings hear (:


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    Personally, I do quite like side scrollers.
    The music needs an off switch.
    Most of your photos are over exposed/over brightened - the whites loose all the detail.
    The site container is a little bit too big and causes a horizontal scrollbar to appear.
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      If it has music I won't even bother looking - real turn off and I leave any website with music asap.


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        The drop down menus have misspelled words. The plural of a noun does not have an apostrophe.
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          I agree that the container is too larger. Also the fact that I had to click on a photo to see it without that whitewash over it bugged me. The person who just lands on your site might not stick around to click the photos to see them as you want them to see them. First impressions mean a lot.

          I didn't hear any music because I keep my speakers off but I'm with the group that says auto-on music is a bad idea.

          But the biggest thing to make a pro site in any industry is to fix the typos and clean up the text.

          portraits not portrait's
          parties not partys

          In your ABOUT section you didn't capitalize the word "I" and there is missing punctuation. If that area isn't your strength, get someone who is better at it to proof your text for you. It makes a difference in how you are perceived by the rest of the world.

          Typos on the contact page too.
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            Here is my honest opinon, in Sectors:

            I love the layout about scrolling through the photos sideways. This adds a real funk to the website and makes me want to keep going through the photos. I would suggest to make the Menu's bigger or make the picture banner smaller, as it cancels everything else. Maybe it is "too" black and white?

            The Menu is a bit too small, and some words are written incorrectly. If this is for business, this will be a problem.

            I'm Not sure this is because of how B/W the site is, but most content is VERY high is exposure and looses the feel and importance of what could be great photos.

            Overall, I think the websites focus shows to me it is about style, not content. The Logo fonts are to complicated and the menu drop-downs are tiny. The Content is to exposed and the color scheme ruins the websites potential.
            However, the Photos (without the high exposure) are very good, well thought through shots. The style and thought about importance of the website is a success.

            Sorry if this is to much critism, or a bad response to what you hoped for. But I am only young and gave my honest opinion from my point of view and what I have been taught.

            If you want, comment on my website and we can help each other out (View My Signature).
            I used a free address which is a Massive down pointer, but I believe it should be left with a simple layout.
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              Scrolling is very un-intuitive. There is no scroll bar or next buttons to suggest I can even scroll right, I only happened to figure out that you could be scroll by randomly clicking around.

              Social networking logos need some left padding, having them touching the left column is distracting.

              You have too many galleries. Your portfolio screams: "I am pretty good at everything but the master of nothing"

              The site is EXTREMELY slow loading. you need to optimize better. For example your load weight on the baby-showers page is 6.4mb. The homepage is 2.1mb. Most of your images are higher resolution than they need to be.

              Your images are all missing alt tags. Your pages don't have headers. And your title tag always says A1 Vision. This means google has no way of indexing your pages. The word Photography does not show up on your homepage, anywhere. Which means google has no way of associating you with photography.

              Your HTML source is invalid which also hurts google ranking. It also can slow load time and make your site inconsistent across browsers.

              Your website is visually optimized for mobile but the slow load time is even more extreme on a 3G connection. Also on mobile there is no navigation so I can't get past the homepage.

              In ie8 and ie9 the scroll transition is very slow and clunky. Combined they represent 44% of the internet which means half your visitors are having a poor experience.

              There is a watermark on some images that says "Takeovermedia", it is primarily distracting because it just looks like a copy of the Transformers logo but also because it conflicts with the brand of the website so unless the viewer knows who "Nunez" (which they wouldn't find out until the about page because your name is also not present on the other pages) is they might wonder if those images are stolen.

              Your website has a nice feel of a minimalistic photographer website. When I click on blog I get redirected to what feels like is it is the homepage of a low budget rap artist. This damages your credibility.

              Lose the contact form. Clients want to contact you directly, a contact form is like hiding behind a wall. If you are a serious professional you should provide a real email address AND a phone number. If you don't want to receive client calls on your mobile go buy a Skype number, they are cheap.

              The grammar on your about and contact page needs work.

              Leverage some of that photography skill that you definitely have. (As proven by your gallery) and make a good about photo, the one you are using feels like a snapshot and you look almost sad in it. Probably not what you want your client's first impression of you to be. A photo of yourself is not necessary in the about page but if you are going to include one it should project confidence and make your potential clients feel comfortable.

              hope this helps, good luck!
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