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    This is my website: Stacey Danielle Photography - Brevard County Children and Family Photographer

    I have had some friends comment on the side-scrolling portfolio. A few people do not realize how to to scroll to the right. Do you think it's obvious enough or should I switch to a slideshow?

    Also, I've had some trouble getting the Info page to look consistent in other browsers. Does it look okay and is it easy to read, or should I make some changes?

    Any advice is welcome!

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    Seems just fine to me.
    Info page looks great in Safari. Although, personally, I'd rather scroll down on an info page, than across...
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      Yeah, I'm thinking I'd like to have it scroll down; I just have to think of a way to make the design consistent.

      Thanks for the input!


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        Works well for me. Im using safari on a mac. Nice site too. good luck.
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        I'm using zenfolio as I have minor knowledge with code. I love them so far.


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          The horizontal scrolling is fine because you made it work with the mouse wheel, had you not I probably would have complained about it.

          The watermark on every image is distracting. I would suggest getting rid of it.

          On the about me page, the send me an email link is blue which clashes with the design,

          On the contact page, put your actual contact info up. Contact forms are annoying, real clients want to either send you an actual email (from their own email client) or they want to call you on the phone. Spam filters today are good enough that you don't need to worry about posting your email publicly.

          You use an HTML5 doctype but the markup for the site looks more like XHTML 1.0.

          Your homepage is at

          but when I click on the logo it sends me to

          even though you and I know this is the same page googlebot sees it as 2 different URLs and thus duplicate content. One should redirect to the other.

          The logo image is missing it's alt attribute (important because this means the actual title of your website: "stacey danielle photography" never actually shows up as text within the body source code for google to index. I would also suggest wrapping the image in an h1 tag to tell google it is the top tier title element on the page)

          There are some display issues in IE8 (this is important because IE8 is currently the #1 browser), CSS rounded corners do not work at all so you might be better off exporting your photos with the corners rounded via photoshop. Also your contact form is a bit screwed up in IE8 (

          The site is mangled in IE7. (about 5% market share, so probably not a big deal, i don't make my site work in IE7 either but thought you might want to know)

          The site is mangled on iOS (this is very bad considering the rise of the iPad).

          hope this helps
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            Very well feedback... I suppose you tried the website in every browser possible and also had a look on the source...

            This is the best website feedback i have ever read!
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              I can't see anything from my iPad.
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                When I click on "info" I can't figure
                out how to click on each sub section like
                "about me" and "session fees".

                Maybe it's just me, but I can't figure out what
                to click on.


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                  On the contact page, put your actual contact info up. Contact forms are annoying, real clients want to either send you an actual email (from their own email client)
                  I disagree
                  But also, using a contact form gives you much more scope for data processing and market research. All of my contact form submissions are stored in a database that I can then run reports on. See conversion rates, popular periods for enquiries, times, days, months, also average times between enquiry to booking etc. It's lovely jubbly
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                    Thank you so much for all the feedback! Especially rcooper102! I hadn't been on here over Thanksgiving, so I was thrilled to see more feedback!

                    I'm going to have some time over Christmas break to do some major tweaking. It was a pain to get the site working in as many browsers as it does work in, but I really need it to work in IE8 and iOS, as you said. I'm going to tidy up my code and switch to a simpler slideshow that works more consistently. CloverLynn, I am planning to re-do the info section so it's more clear. Currently, the info is there and you just scroll--there isn't anything to click, but it does perhaps look like you should click something.

                    Thanks again!


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                      I think one way to get around the side scrolling to add some java script to slowly scroll the portfolio this would then show your visitors that it is a side scrolling page.

                      On the contact page the form is great I much prefer these from a user and admin point of view. Adding a email address to the page will mean when spam bots finally get round to trolling your site this is email will get added to their database and then the spam begins. On thing I would urge you to add is a contact telephone number, even on a computer support site users had difficulty filing in the form

                      As for browser support I primarily design sites to work in Chrome and Firefox these days which tends to mean most browsers with the exception of IE will work. But I do generally have 2 style sheets one for IE and one for everyone else and using PHP will set this dependant on the browser being used.

                      I would recommend adding more keywords to your meta data it never hurts.

                      As for search bots etc create a robots.txt and sitemap.xml, then get these added to google's trawler.