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    Originally posted by BK553 View Post
    By the way, Vincent Laforet has a great article that explains my position much better than I can, i highly recommend it: To Delete or Not To Delete – “THAT” is the The Question
    I have to agree with Vincent Laforet...........I keep everything, except soft or out of focus images.
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      Originally posted by veritasimagery View Post
      Thanks everyone. I am going to look into getting a couple 1TB drives to store my stuff on.
      I keep all of my RAW files. I always have an external hardrive connected to my Comp when editing, everything is saved and transferred automatically once PE is done. Every session/shoot is saved in its own file/subfolder, so if i need to look back 3 years at a specific event, i can hit a simple search and it pops up. when full, i purchase another 59 dollar 1TB ext hard drive. Some back up each hard drive, with me, if one hard drive is life, i dont like making my life too difficult. Its nice to edit all photos, then export (i usually walk away while this can take an hour depending on the amount of photos edited), pull card out, format in camera and cycle continues.


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        RAW .. For-E-Va !!! Shoot I still have film negatives from the late 80's neatly stored away LOL .. most got lost in a flood over a decade ago but some survived.
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          Except for the ones that are obviously unsalvagable I keep 'em all. External hard drive plus on CD (or DVD), in seperate locations. Ya just never can tell!!!!

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