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  • Rules.... Please Read!!!

    This forum is for the discussion of how to make money off of your photographs in different ways. Feel free to ask questions that are related to sales, marketing, or anything else that has to do with the business side of photography. A few things to keep in mind:

    1. This is not a place for buying and selling items. We have a forum for selling photography gear and this isn't the place to try to sell your prints (do that from your own blog).
    2. If your question can be illustrated with a picture or your answer needs to include one, make sure that your picture is under 600px on the longest side.
    3. While this area is geared towards business advice, Digital Photography School, the mods and admins do not take any responsibility for the advice that is given, so make sure you put some deep thought into the advice that you do decide to take and possibly talk it over with a business adviser or lawyer since it is your business that you're talking about. E&OE

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    My First Photo Shoot

    i have a friend at work who asked me to shoot his regiment in a Civil War Reenactment this weekend. I am even getting paid for it. It might become a regular thing as well. Any advise anyone is able to give me would be appreciated. I am going to arrive early to scope things out and to get a feel for things,
    Please feel free to critque my pictures or entries.
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      Those who want to sell their photos register for free at it's free to join and great for self publishers! I use it. just to help others out!
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        Hi, make sure you have plenty of memory cards (take it you are shooting digital), fully charged batteries, clean lenses, try and get right into the action if you can, use zoom if you cannot get that close, try shots from low down so that the foreground leads into the subject, get some close up shots of details and watch carefully whats in your background, nothing worse than getting great shots to find theres a ford mondeo in the background

        Relax, enjoy the day, shoot RAW if you can, rack your ISO up rather than use any form of flash to keep the atmosphere of the day and keep checking your shots to see if they are sharp, you can retouch most things that your not happy with but if the shot is blurred (unless thats the effect your after) there will not be a lot you can do to salvage and most of all relax and enjoy the day, all the best, Ian


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          I accept: we can enjoy the day, shoot RAW if you can, rack your ISO up rather than use any form of flash to keep the atmosphere of the day and keep checking your shots to see if they are sharp.
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            2010 Photographers Market Guide to selling your images

            Hey everyone.

            Check out this: 2010 Photographers Market
            33rd annual edition

            It is THE resource guide on who buys what and how and where and how much they pay and what they are looking for. Lists magazines and publishing houses, and stock agencies and more! There are over 1,000 listings, the book is 273 pages long and in the back is an alphabetic listing of every single company who is in the book and gives ALL of their contact name. And gives you the secret on how to contact them and what format they need.

            There is a key guide in the front cover. Which shows simple symbols which are listed next to each entity who is purchasing. For example $, $$, $$$, $$$$ shows how much they pay. 1 symbolises 1-150$ per foto, 2 symbols, 151$-750$ ETC..

            Symbols for Canadian markets, International markets, shows who is closed to unsolicited submissions, Symbol for companies who ENCOURAGES new photographers.

            I love this book and have followed thru on many leads hoping something breaks soon.

            I have a copy of 2009 if anyone wants to buy it for cheap, email me here.

            Nice to 'meet' you guys!

            *got it from Amazon*


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              (Sorry / Thanks!)

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              If you're looking for customer service, please use this link, thank you!