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    Originally posted by Niresangwa View Post
    the problem is when you use a profile page as opposed to a 'fan page' or 'business page' for your business. its against the FB ToS, and if they catch you, you'll get banned. it has happened to other photographers. if you have a business page (the kind that people can 'like', you're all set. If you're using the kind where people have to 'friend' you, you run the risk of having the account suspended.
    Thanks, it didnt occur to me to use a personal page for business, i use the fan and business pages.


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      I have a personal page and I am administrator for two business pages - because of my job. I send messages to "friends" through my facebook pages asking them to "like" the business pages (an opera company and a youth opera company). There is much interchange - but the messages are always businesslike on the business pages and more casual on my own page.
      When I post on my two blogs, I share the links to those blogs on facebook (business and personal pages). I also have the FB biz pages set up to automatically tweet.
      I guess I should think in terms of starting my own photography page as well.
      If someone told me a year and a half ago that I'd be doinhg all this social media networking, I'd have said, "Huh???"
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