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Contest Winners: "Holiday Songs"

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  • Contest Winners: "Holiday Songs"

    FIrst goes to Claudia5573's "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas"

    "What particularly caught my eye in Claudia's photo of a candycane-clothed baby was the use of bokeh; a clever use of an aperture side-effect to convey the idea of dreaming."
    "Babies are like kittens and puppies. Things that make us go "Aww.." but hard to get over the saccharine sometimes. Maybe it's the time of year, but this fits the "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" idea in a sweet way. The bokeh and fluffy cloudlike blanket adds to the dreamlike aura, and the candy cane outfit gives it that holiday feeling. Face is well lit despite a bit of glare on the top of the head."

    Second is FlyingKiwiGirl's "Christmas on the Beach"

    "For many of our readers, a white Christmas is most unlikely. FlyingKiwiGirl captures that by setting the colours of sand and sea off with a bright red Santa hat. I wonder how many shots were taken to get this image, as the fluffy wavetops in the sea line up well to balance the brim and bauble of the hat and tie the image together."
    "Point taken that Christmas is different for all of us"
    "It's easy for us northerners to sometimes forget that Santa shows up in the other half of the world, too. Nice contrasting color, simple composition. Makes me almost wish I was enjoying Christmas on the beach!"

    Third belongs to SiewFeun's "O Christmas tree" frost

    "A good photograph is often one that captures a sight that other people might have missed. Christmas trees are a common sight in many places at this time of year but SiewFeun draws our attention to a marvellous picture of one created by Jack Frost!"
    "Couldnt have done this again of they tried!"
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    Congrats to the winners. Really liked the sleeping child. Reminds me of my grandchildren. What a wonderful time Christmas is.

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      Nice photos. Congrats to the winners.
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        Congrats to the winners.


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          Good Job

          Great Job to everyone who entered. very worthy winner and I love the thought of the subject dreaming with the white bikes background.

          I agree with the idea of the winners/winner uploads their shot to the "How I took it" section. This has helped me develop ideas and ensure it'll help others. Will use bokeh more often!
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            Big congrats to the three winners, great job!
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              Am am truly thrilled to have my great-nephew's photo chosen this week from among so many worthy photos. Thank you so much!


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                Congratulations to all! Very well done, and some of my favorites were chosen.


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                  Congratulations! Well done!


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                    Thankyou everyone for your congratulations, I'm thrilled to have been awarded another placing! And big congrats to my DPS & Flickr friends Claudia & Siew too, very well deserved!
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                      Congratulations to all the winners! The sleeping baby is my favourite too! Oh what a magical time, Christmas is!


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                        Thank you!

                        Ohhhh! What a fantastic early Christmas present from DPS to me! Thank you mods!!!
                        Christmas is magical and I am so high on Christmas spirit now!
                        BIG CONGRATS to Claudia and Shellie on their big wins! Claudia's beautiful dreamy little angel is absolutely my favorite and Shellie's summer sandy beach got me so jealous and I want to be there!!!
                        Great work everyone! I have so many favorites this week and they are so inspiring!
                        Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers!
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                          CONGRATS to the three lovely ladies' photos this week!!!!!! Very much deserved!
                          Life is so much better with a passion!


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                            Congrats to the winners!
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                              Congratulations to all winners ....."Dreaming of a White Christmas" a beautiful shot deserve to be # 1.