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Contest Winners: "Thankful"

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  • Contest Winners: "Thankful"

    Not as many entries this week and they were even smaller than usual when people forget to add info such as the date they were taken. Don't forget next time!

    First goes to ThePieCo for An old voice in my head thats holding me back...

    "ThePieCo has a rather wise looking cat and captured a feeling of intimacy by drawing in so close to it. That is pretty good going for a 40mm lens (or a very well behaved feline) and the balance of focus and bokeh is spot on for creating an excellent photo that conveys the idea of friendship."
    "Any pet owner - well, most anyway - know the comfort they bring as a member of the family and how thankful we can be for their loyalty. I like how this is not the typical "sweet" cat picture. The extreme closeness of the subject to the camera and the lack of focus on the eyes gives this cat an all-knowing look. Perhaps he is thankful as well."

    Second is for LynnDA's Daisy

    "Reminding us to be grateful for the simple things in life, this image has a nice shallow dof that keeps focus on the single subject. The composition has good repetition of circles, from the center of the daisy, the daisy itself, the hole in the vase, to it's base, all lending to the soft feeling."

    A tie for third with Grandpachip's Rotunda

    "Many people will express gratitude by metaphorically "looking up". I like the way that, in Grandpachip's photo, even the tree, which is brightly decorated and could easily be the centre of attention, joins the people in lifting their eyes to the heavens. I don't know whether this was carefully posed or spontaneous but it catches the right moment."

    and Photo0742's Thank You Note
    <table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href=" mbedwebsite"><img src="" height="465" width="640" /></a></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-size:11px; text-align:right">From <a href="">DPS_Share</a></td></tr></table>
    "I guess we can all be thankful for a thank you note, as seldom as they come. This is appealing with it's childlike drawing and mis-spellings and simple primary colors."
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    Congratulations to the winners. For me, this would have been a very hard one to judge. I think congratulations should also go out to the judges. Just my thoughts.

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      Congrats to the winners
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        Congratulations to all the winners this week, great captures!
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          Naw, this was an easy one to judge. The four photos picked were all outstanding. Congrats to the winners!
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            Thank you very much for the honor of first place! I really like LynnDA's Daisy shot. The dof is perfect!
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              Congratulations to the winners, great images although I would have thought that a picture thanking the site mods would have come first LOL!
              Never enough time is my oft used excuse.

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                As always the moderators got us thinking this week. Many great reasons to be thankful here. Congratulations to all.


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                  Thanks for the placing and the congrats, I'm really honoured, there were some great shots that really made you think. Thanks again and a big congrats to the other winners as well.
                  Last edited by LynnDA; 12-01-2012, 05:40 PM. Reason: Forgot to congratulate the other winners
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                    Congratulations to the winners!


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                      CONGRATS to all winners! So beautiful... so sweet.... and absolutely fabulous ideas! I am loving every single one of the pictures there.


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                        Thank you very much for featuring my photo among those by such talented photographers here -it's a big honor!Congratulations to the other winners!
                        I am absolutely THANKFUL for choosing DPS -the inspiring place to learn and grow!..


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                          Congratulation all - well deserving,


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                            Congrats to all the winners!

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                              Congratulations to winners.
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