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  • Urban Decay

    Ok last weeks response was wonderful thank you guys for making this forum what it is

    This weeks assignment is Urban Decay

    this is a post on the blog about Photographing Urban Landscapes
    which will come in handy

    My attempts at this ...

    An old Mill , I think it used to make bricks....

    And Alma Girls College that rises up over ST. Thomas, Opened October 13, 1881 and closed its doors 1931

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    Here is mine. I had actually pulled over to get directions from a street map (I was lost at the time) but my attention was caught by this pile of rubble from a demolished factory:

    Post-industrial Sheffield

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      I'm looking forward to seeing the shots in this thread.

      Abandoned building
      Urban Decay

      Lost Tire
      Lost Tire
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        My hometown used to be known as the "Textile Center of the World." Now it's more common to see the sight below, an abandoned textile mill, as production is sent overseas and the old mill villages fall into decline.

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          Urban decay

          This is my first post, but I thought I would give it a shot.

          An old abandoned shack.


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                Originally posted by nickj224 View Post
                This is my first post, but I thought I would give it a shot.

                An old abandoned shack.

                Colours in this one are stunning! Very good one!
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                  Nice shot!
                  J. Bagwell
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                    it's more "disrepair" than "decay"...
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                      Originally posted by nickj224 View Post
                      This is my first post, but I thought I would give it a shot.

                      An old abandoned shack.
                      That is one nice picture, colors are great, composition is also nice.

                      Here are mine:


                      "I got an Idea"

                      "Urban War Zone"

                      "Building Jerusalem"

                      I hope you guys like'em
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                        Shoe Tree

                        Took this about 5 years ago. Now I wish I would have tried some different angles. Found this tree on an Oregon state highway, filled with shoes thrown over the branches. Not sure that it is Urban Decay, but it was different.

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                          Urbans fun

                          I regularly just go out and wander the city streets for fun random urnban shot's. It's one of my favourite things to do. Play some tunes from my ipod and wander the city camera in hand.
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                          DSC_0261DSC_0261 Hosted on Zooomr


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                            I have some prints from 35mm at home that I wish I had here to post, too... this is one of my favorite subjects.


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                              Hi everyone, this is my first post!

                              Taken some time ago:

                              View larger