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"Shop Till You Drop" Dec. 5 - 19, 2012

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  • "Shop Till You Drop" Dec. 5 - 19, 2012

    This week: "Shop Till You Drop". Crowds, traffic jams, harried clerks, all so we can find the perfect gift. Give us your take on holiday shopping.

    I don't know about you, but with the craziness of holiday shopping, I need a coffee break.
    Day 342-365 "Coffee and the Lost Glove"

    As always, rules:

    Just a note to new posters: DO NOT start a new thread for your post. Please just hit the reply button at the bottom of any current post and put your image there.

    1. Your original image you submit should be taken on or between the 5th to the 19th of December, 2012. Each week as an assignment closes on the Wednesday, it will be AUTOMATICALLY deemed *CLOSED* after 8am GMT (3AM EST) and any posts after that time will not be eligible for the assignment competition. Don't wait until the last minute to post!

    2. Your post must include "Shop Till You Drop" as the title or in the text (to show your permission to count it for the contest) and the date the picture was taken (to show that it is a valid entry).

    3. EXIF data should be intact. It helps if you can include the main points (including camera, lens, date taken, ISO, shutter speed and aperture) in the text of your message.

    4. Only one entry per member (if you can't restrain yourself until the end of the first week you can post two or three separate pictures but your entry should be in a separate post and the only marked with the text above). It must be an original image taken by you.

    5. Remember the cross-site image size limit (740px on the longest side).

    6. If the image does not exist in post at the end of the contest, it is disqualified. If you modify anything on flickr and re-save the image then the link is broken and the message needs edited to link the picture again before it will be included in the contest.

    For everyone, please do not repeat other people's photos by quoting them until the contest is over. If you want to comment on or discuss an entry you can use a link to it (or just delete the picture from the quoted text).

    7. If you are looking for the winners of the mini-contest, please check the Assignment section the weekend after the contest closes. There should be a thread announcing the contest winners.

    8. For help with posting images, check the FAQ at the top of this page and click on "Posting Images". It will give you a detailed explanation.

    Next week: "Holiday Traditions". do you have any special foods you make or things you do that make this time of the year special? If so, share them with us.
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    Shop Till You Drop

    I dislike crowds, malls and shopping; not your typical female I know. When I do shop I have a list and try to get in and out fast! Pair that with being across the country from family and shipping gifts, I do most of my shopping online. So here is me "dropped" after shopping .

    From DPS Assignments

    Taken 11 Dec 12
    SonyA500 DSLR
    Promaster 28-80mm lens (taken at 40mm)
    ISO 3200
    1/2 sec exposure
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      Assignment : Shop Till You Drop

      Take the Cannoli
      Leave the Pie...Take the Cannoli

      Exif Data

      Date : Dec. 7, 2012
      Camera : Nikon D3100
      Exposure : 1/200 sec
      Exp Bias : 0.0 step
      Aperture : f/4
      Focal Length : 50 mm
      ISO : 1600
      No Flash
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        Assignment: "Shop Till You Drop"

        "Finished!" - Santa can hang up her hat for another year

        'Shop Till You Drop'

        Exif Data-
        Date Taken December 10th, 2012
        Camera Nikon D7000
        Exposure 0.001 sec (1/800)
        Aperture f/5.6
        Focal Length 95 mm
        ISO Speed 200
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          Congrats Flying Girl !
          I'm assuming the cocktail is for yourself


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            Assignment: Shop Till You Drop

            Ok, New here but I'll give this a shot. This shot: a tradition here in San Diego where the museums are free and outside is a street fair with food, crafts, live music, and just a good time.

            prado people

            Date: 12/7/2012
            Camera: Pentax K20D
            F-Stop: f/38
            Exposure time: 1 sec
            ISO: 6400
            Exposure bias: +1 step
            Focal Length: 50mm


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              assignment "shop till you drop"


              Exif data

              Camera Nikon D3100
              Exposure 0.05 sec (1/20)
              Aperture f/5.6
              Focal Length 18 mm
              ISO Speed 1600
              Exposure Bias 0 EV
              Flash No Flash


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                    Assignment: Shop Till You Drop

                    Shop till you drop
                    Shop Till You Drop

                    Camera Nikon D50
                    Exposure 0.008 sec (1/125)
                    Aperture f/1.8
                    Focal Length 35 mm
                    Exposure Bias 0 EV
                    Flash Auto, Fired, Return detected
                    Software Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 Windows
                    Exposure Program Manual
                    Date and Time (Original) 2012:12:18 18:34:22-08:00
                    Date and Time (Digitized) 2012:12:18 18:34:22
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                      Shop till you drop.

                      Was inspired by the sample photo. Hope you all enjoy, and, as always look forward to seeing all the submissions.

                      Happy Holidays.

                      Shop till you drop.

                      Shutter: 1/200
                      ISO: 1600
                      Camera: Nikon D7000
                      Started shooting: Sept 2012
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                        Christmas "tree" Shopping
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                          Shop Till you drop

                          Shopping and shopping but at the end of the day my old slippers wait for me at home...

                          Canon 600D
                          ISO 100
                          70 mm
                          2,0 seg

                          Taken, Dec. 14, 2012



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                            Love the slippers!

                            I love this shot! Good work! Great camera too - I just got my D600!
                            Originally posted by Casvalen View Post
                            Shopping and shopping but at the end of the day my old slippers wait for me at home...

                            Canon 600D
                            ISO 100
                            70 mm
                            2,0 seg

                            Taken, Dec. 14, 2012
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                              Originally posted by pamipoo View Post
                              I love this shot! Good work! Great camera too - I just got my D600!
                              Thank You for your comment. Happy christmas!!!