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"Composition: Minimalism" Feb. 8 - 22, 2012

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  • "Composition: Minimalism" Feb. 8 - 22, 2012

    This week: "Composition: Minimalism". Sometimes our images can get so crowded with things it can be hard to spot the actual subject. Let's reduce our shot to only the essential subject this week.
    Dictionary definition
    Minimalism in Photography
    20 Examples of Minimalist Photography
    Minimalism: Using Negative Space In Your Photographs
    Simplicity and Minimalism in Photography

    image by *Micky

    As always, rules:

    Just a note to new posters: DO NOT start a new thread for your post. Please just hit the reply button at the bottom of any current post and put your image there.

    1. Your original image you submit should be taken on or between the 8th to the 22nd of February, 2012. Each week as an assignment closes on the Wednesday, it will be AUTOMATICALLY deemed *CLOSED* after 8am GMT (3AM EST) and any posts after that time will not be eligible for the assignment competition. Don't wait until the last minute to post!

    2. Your post must include "Composition: Minimalism" as the title or in the text (to show your permission to count it for the contest) and the date the picture was taken (to show that it is a valid entry).

    3. EXIF data should be intact. It helps if you can include the main points (including camera, lens, date taken, ISO, shutter speed and aperture) in the text of your message.

    4. Only one entry per member (if you can't restrain yourself until the end of the first week you can post two or three separate pictures but your entry should be in a separate post and the only marked with the text above). It must be an original image taken by you.

    5. Remember the cross-site image size limit (740px on the longest side).

    6. If the image does not exist in post at the end of the contest, it is disqualified. If you modify anything on flickr and re-save the image then the link is broken and the message needs edited to link the picture again before it will be included in the contest.

    For everyone, please do not repeat other people's photos by quoting them until the contest is over. If you want to comment on or discuss an entry you can use a link to it (or just delete the picture from the quoted text).

    7. If you are looking for the winners of the mini-contest, please check the Assignment section the weekend after the contest closes. There should be a thread announcing the winners.

    8. For help with posting images, check the FAQ at the top of this page and click on "Posting Images". It will give you a detailed explanation.

    Next week: "Odd Numbers". There is an interesting rule in composition that odd numbers of objects look better than even numbers. Generally your eye moves more easily over the items (or people) and it keeps you from pairing up even numbers of objects.
    So next week, your assignment is to present an image with an odd number of things or people.
    The ‘Odd Rule’ of Composition
    Tips & Tricks - “Odd Numbers & Symmetry”
    Art Composition Rules
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    My Gear
    OK to re-edit and repost my shots on dps

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    Composition: Minimalism

    Here is a macro shot of our empty kitchen worktop. It's like stepping in to another world.


    11th Feb 2012
    f-stop not available as shot on 28mm f2.8 & reversing ring.
    1/90 sec
    ISO: 100
    Pentax K5
    Flash off
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    Blog , Flickr , Twitter

    Pentax K5, 18-55WR, 50-200WR, 50mm f1.7 manual, 50mm f4 Macro, 28mm f2.8.


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      Oooooo this one will be fun!! Can't wait to start! These assignments are so fun and such a great learning experience. Thanks Admin!! <3


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        Composition: Minimalism

        [oops, i submitted this one towards the end of the last assignment but realized it fit this week's much better =P deleted it from last week's, hope it wasn't too late]

        nice strong wind on Monday in southern california swirled up the sand and left ripples all across the beach.

        Monotony by jon-sim, on Flickr

        date taken: February 13, 2012
        camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1
        exposure: 3.2 seconds (I actually took this after the sun went down. and very strong winds + flimsy tripod, had to keep a higher iso to keep exposure as short as I could)
        aperture: f/3.5
        iso speed: 800
        flash: off, did not fire


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          this pic taken by me on 15-2-2012 morning and i think this is perfect for this assignment


          Date taken : 15-2-2012
          Date of uploading on flickr : 15-2-2012
          Camera : Nikon Coolpix P500
          Flash : Auto (Not Fired)
          ISO : 400
          Appurture value : f/3.4


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            Assignment: "Composition: Minimalism"

            Media Arts

            Camera Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
            Exposure 0.05 sec (1/20)
            Aperture f/18.0
            Focal Length 55 mm
            ISO Speed 800
            Exposure Bias +2/3 EV
            Flash Off, Did not fire
            "To me, photography is an art of observation.
            It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place...
            I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."
            -Elliott Erwitt


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              Assignment: "Composition: Minimalism"

              minimalism tulips 008 uncropped by claudia5573, on Flickr
              Again, not having any lighting equipment I have to rely on a sunny window and trying to make the shadows work with my composition. I am pleased with the way the shadows worked with the curve of the white platter accenting the curve of the tulip.

              Taken on February 11, 2012 at 9.43am EST (edit)

              Exif data
              Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
              Exposure 0.001 sec (1/800)
              Aperture f/2.5
              Focal Length 50 mm
              ISO Speed 100
              Exposure Bias 0 EV
              Flash Off, Did not fire


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                Assignment: Composition: Minimalism


                Taken February 14, 2012
                Canon EOS Rebel T3
                1/160 sec
                EF28mm f/1.8 USM


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                    Question to moderators

                    Just checking: I have a picture taken on February 7th at 4:56 pm MST (Mexico City)... I've always had this doubt. The dates are local or bound to some universal time?

                    In other words: is my photo valid for the assignment?


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                      Toward the end of January, my wife and I made a short trip to the Mississippi gulf coast. It was so foggy that I almost dispared of getting any useful shots. But look what happened to our assignments. This one is perfect, except it is out of date and can not compete.
                      File Name,pondering 100_0752 1.jpg
                      File Date/Time,2/15/2012 1:18:39 PM
                      Image Size,638x480
                      Shutter Speed,1/640
                      ISO Speed,80
                      Exposure Program,Normal Program
                      Exposure Bias,0.0
                      Resolution (DPI),230
                      Exposure Metering,Pattern
                      White Balance,Auto White Balance
                      Lens Focal Length,31.3
                      Lens Focal Length in 35mm,189
                      Digital Zoom Ratio,0/100
                      Date and Time Created,1/21/2012 10:59:25 AM
                      Manufacturer,EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY
                      Model,KODAK Z650 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA
                      Exif Version,Exif 2.2


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                        Composition: Minimalism

                        Has saved many lives.

                        DPS Assignment: Minimalism

                        Taken on February 15, 2012 at 10.15am
                        Camera Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
                        Lens Sigma 50-200mm
                        Exposure 0.002 sec (1/500)
                        Aperture f/11.0
                        Focal Length 200 mm
                        ISO Speed 200
                        Exposure Bias 0 EV
                        Flash Off, Did not fire
                        Gear: Canon XSi, Canon 50mm f/1.8 II, Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, Modified for Macro Canon EF 35-80mm f/4-5.6 III, Sigma 50-200mm f/4-5.6 DC OS HSM


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                          Composition: Minimalism


                          Canon EOS Rebel T3
                          EF-S 18-55 IS II Lens
                          Feb. 15, 2012
                          Macro Setting

                          I am new to photography and DPS and this is my first post. I hope you like it!


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                            nice close up


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                              Assignment: Composition Minimalism

                              I call this one God's Canvas. How more simple can you get.

                              Camera GENERAL IMAGING CO. X5
                              Exposure 0.04 sec (1/25)
                              Aperture f/5.5
                              Focal Length 11.2 mm
                              ISO Speed 100

                              God's Canvas


                              Nikon D3000, Nikkor 18-55mm f1:3.5-5.6, Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 DG Macro.