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  • Eyes

    As Sime stated last week the new assignment is eyes... any kind of eyes..

    Don't forget to tag your entry with "assignment:Eyes" if you'd like it considered for the weekly mini competition.

    Exif data should still be intact if you wish to participate in the mini contest.... also the image in question should be taken with in the 23th Jan - 5th Feb 2008

    as you can see i didnt think outside the box for this.. sorry..
    Sonny's eye

    Next weeks assignment will be : Seasons. winter in the Top side and summer down under...

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    Assignment: Eyes


    I have been SO looking forward to this assignment. Eyes are something I'm really drawn to in art, both in my own work and in others. I really worked on taking this was a blast. I'm sure I'll have another eye or two to share at some point.
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      Not very out of the box for me either

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        Curious Doggy

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          great!! my eye of the needle idea is a bust already LOL .... back to the drawing board.... but yours looks better than mine did anyways, so Im glad yours got here first
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            Assignment: Eyes

            Here's looking at you...

            here's looking at you

            as you can see, I like my Monarchs.
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              Assignment: Eyes


              It was lucky timing that I caught Jimmy Vasser looking towards me as he sat in his car while it was being repaired during the 24-hour race at Daytona last weekend.


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                Assignment: Eyes

                I have been preparing for this assignment all week! And now I can't decide which photo I want to use for the assignment!


                I think out of all the assignments, I have learned the most from this one so far! So for that, thank you!

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                  I kind of went standard eye, too:
                  Day 149 threesixtyfive "B&W Eye"
                  Took it this morning.
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                    This would be mine unfortunatly its a little out of the date band.

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                      Not for assignment - too old

                      This is my grandson - who wanted me to take his picture agaist my black background. It is natural light from a window. I am starting a digital photography class this week at my local junior college so I may not have time to take a new one. I don't know if I could improve on this one anyway.
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                        She is totally shameless


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                          assignment: Eyes

                          Here is my try.

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                            not for the assignment

                            But the pic of the kitty above and Saralonde's pic reminded me of this one of one of my dogs ....

                            SE PA
                            want to take more than snapshots
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                              Not for assignment

                              I went through quite a phase a while back shooting close ups of the pets . . .

                              I'll try to come up with something new for the assignment!

                              (My cat really isn't evil, I just wanted him to look that way for Halloween).
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