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  • Assignment suggestion: Naked Pictures

    Whoa, put your pants back on. Not those kinds of naked pictures.

    I'm referring, rather, to completely unedited and untouched photos.

    Basically, we'd be allowed to shoot any subject, anywhere, at any time, under any light, we just can't edit the photo. At all. No dodging, no burning, no sharpening, no softening, no toning, no desaturating, nothing. Not even cropping (consider it an exercise in in-camera framing, as well). The only permitted editing would be resizing it for the contest. Nothing else.

    For verification, users would shoot in RAW and upload a copy of it to an upload website (like megaupload or its ilk).

    What do you guys think?
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    focalmatter - photos that aren't entirely crap


    • Ideas for assignment topics

      Hello All!

      Newbie here, just joined and so far I'm loving all the great pics and ideas. I'm sure I'll learn a lot and have a great time doing it.

      I just had some ideas for assignments and thought I'd share. Maybe there's something here you can use, here goes...

      Colors - what does the color red bring to mind? a firetruck? a shinny apple on a tree? Santa's hat? Valentine hearts? how about white - do you think of fresh snow? easter bunnies? crisp new notebook paper? fuzzy kittens? You get the idea, each color brings something different to mind if the assinment was pink - you might get photos of flowers, baby girls, or cotton candy.

      Tracks & Trails - old abandoned train tracks, animal tracks in the snow, feet print on a sandy beach, a trail through the woods - makes you wonder whose been here before, where did they come from and where did they go.

      Tempurature - photos that make you think "hey! that's cold!" or what do you see when the temperatures outside reach summer highs?

      Water Towers - every town/city has got one or two somewhere and there are a lot of different designs some even look cool lit up at night. You may even be able to tell a little something about the town by what the tower looks like.

      Found Objects - like just today while I was walking my dog I saw the funniest thing on the side of the road, 3 old spark plugs laying there in a straight row right in the middle of a puddle of melted snow. you're always seeing something odd like that one shoe on the side of the highway, or the dirty old baseball left behind in the park.

      Wild Life - I don't know about your neck of the woods but there's always a critter or two to see around here.

      or how about something funny like - What's in your fridge? or How dirty is your car? (ok so there's a lot of dirt roads around here)

      And I could sure use some tips on this subject so how about - In The Gym Sports - volleyball, basketball...

      That's it for now-

      See ya around the net!
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      • Alphabet Assignment or Challenge

        I did a quick search and didn't see this suggestion but I didn't spend a lot of time searching so....

        This is similar to the alphabet challenge except you look for shots that look like letters of the alphabet. Creative cropping can be used. Here is a site that offers some good examples.

        We could go for individual letter or several pics to spell out small words.
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        • just a few from me:

          Family (doesnt have to be yours, just family shots)
          brown(always known as a dull color, but with the talent here, I know we could see some gorgeous uses for Brown)


          • I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned or not.

            Check out my latest photos!
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            • Not sure if these has been said or done.
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              • Northern lights

                How about the nortern lights


                • "Your Workplace".

                  So like how you view your workplace... if you like your job, then that could be quite a different photo than if you hate your job

                  (For Students, "school" would be their workplace, stay-at-home mom's - their house is their workplace, etc.)
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                  • What about "Desire"? A photograph of something you desire....may be too broad, but it may generate some interesting subject matters!
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                    • my photography club once did

                      -ordinary desk items (like staplers, paperclips etc)
                      -underexposure (where it works for the photo)


                      • How about "photos of photographers (un-posed)" - I'm not sure if it's been done here before ... but I always enjoy snatching a quick shot of someone else while they're shooting.
                        - Lou Ann
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                        • Ideas

                          How about:

                          Chaos - pictures of chaotic situations
                          Out Of Place - pictures of things that contrast their environment
                          Liam - Loving this site and learning fast!
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                          • How about "Albums"?

                            Photo's inspired by the title of your favorite album.

                            E.g., "Diesel & Dust" - Midnight Oil
                            "Brothers in Arms" - Dire Straights
                            "The Wall" - Pink Floyd


                            • Originally posted by Ash View Post
                              How about "Albums"?
                              While you wait for that, you might like to amuse yourself with the Classic Rock Challenge that DigiDave runs - here is the latest one.

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                              • Assignment Suggestion

                                How about Negatives? Not as in the use of negative space but pictures that are the negative of the actual photo. I've seen some very interesting effects using this technique and think it would be a challenge to take a really good/interesting one.