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  • Scenes of Summer contest

    I want to introduce , a new destination site for photographers by photographers designed to "Elevate your Talent".

    Through access to award-winning photography experts on our Council of Photographers, combined with a wide range of educational tools, photo competitions and social networking, you learn how to make even more compelling photographs and share insights on how to improve your business.

    Also check out our first photo competitions at Scenes of Summer Photo Contest | Elevate Your Talent.

    And join our Facebook fan page at Wed enjoy hearing from you.

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    $1500.00 worth of camera kit - first prize! Wish I could enter, 50 States only, folks!

    Read the fine print, pay your ten dollars and go win some gear...

    www | twitter | facebook

    If you're looking for customer service, please use this link, thank you!


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      $10.00 to ener a contest!
      First post from this guy!
      This is clearly SPAM, should be deleted.


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        Have to agree with A700....$10.00 seems a bit much.
        Did check out the site and the judges have outstanding credentials. They are saying that Tom Kennedy is one of the judges. (wondering if these really are the judges or it is not a scam)