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The DSLR For Left Handed Photographers

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  • The DSLR For Left Handed Photographers

    The DSLR For Left Handed Photographers
    For all the Jimi Hendrix of the Photography Universe, I offer a solution.
    Further to my Upside Down DSLR philosophy, left handed photographers can now enjoy the use of their side of the great divide. The solution is simple and cheap.
    1.Get a DSLR camera that can have a Battery Grip attachment.
    2.Use the Battery Grip and the Upside Down DSLR technique.
    3.You will find that the left hand can operate almost all the buttons of the camera.
    4.Use the right hand for zooming. Be aware of the flash at the bottom of the camera when using flash.
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    good luck bouncing flash off the roof.

    .....not sure why you're constantly quoting yourself?
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      Lefties are the most adaptable people there are. We learn how to use and work with everything made for the Right Handed. Ever watch a RH'er try to use something made for a lefty? It is very funny because they can't and they whine and cry but still can't master even a simple pair of LH scissors. I would find trying to use any camera upside down on a regular basis very difficult and uncomfortable. But I guess since I have been using RH stuff for so long that I am ambidextrous.
      Still find it fun to leave a pair of LH scissors laying about... very entertaining.
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        Lefties could always ask Ken Rockwell if he still has this.........

        Sure it's a one of a kind left handed F100 - but you could always make an offer?
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