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Adobe RGB (1998) vs. sRGB IEC61966-2.1

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  • Adobe RGB (1998) vs. sRGB IEC61966-2.1

    I read somewhere that sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is designed for use by web designers and cheap PC monitor and that Adobe RGB (1998) is the better choice for digital photo.

    Which do you use??


    Oh...I have Photoshop CS.

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    Been stuck in the same dilemma, when i got my camera I immedietly put Adobe 98 on it, recently ive switched to sRGB

    The idea is that Adobe 98 has a wider range of colours ("gamut").. so is better especially when printing as "most" profesional printers or printers with CMYK use the same or similar color range.

    If you do use adobe 98.. then on an uncalibrated monitor (which will be left at sRGB) the images will look duller than they should, the "correct" answer then would be to calibrate your monitor to Adobe 98 and convert to sRGB everytime you are uploading to flickr for it to look right in everyones monitor.

    Honestly, Ive tried both and im no pro, but I dont see the difference, sRGB is good enough and saves the hassle of converting all the time. Then again, I dont actually make prints from my photos so I haven't dealt with any possible issues there.


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      Thanks hitkaiser.


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        I was in the same boat.

        When I looked at my pictures on another PC they seemed off when I was using Adobe RGB.

        Since then I changed back to sRGB since majority of people monitors are at sRGB and I don't have that issue.

        I was told to use Adobe RGB if you plan on printing.

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          I had this issue when i first started posting to flikcr as I like to work in adobe space but online the pictures looked really washed out, especially skys. So I just save a copy specifically for the web in srbg


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            All true. You just have to consider that in PS you can change the gamut form Adobe 1998 to sRGB. But not the other way around! Well, to be more exact: when you convert from Adobe 1998 to sRGB you will loose some colour. Hardly noticable, unless you print. And even then I hardly see any difference.

            But because the convert to sRGB you will never be able to convert back to the original Adobe 1998 colours. They were lost when you first converted it to sRGB.

            What you can do is save an original copy in Adobe RGB. And when you want to use that picture just for web-purposes, then convert to sRGB and save it. Keeping the original in Adobe RGB. A bit of a hussle with all those different copies of one image. I am not working like that..but it is just a thought.
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