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Rules for "Techniques" Sections

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  • Rules for "Techniques" Sections

    As this forum is named this is the place to discuss or ask questions regarding techniques and tips used in photography. Any and all are subjects, including questions, related to photography are welcome. Just be sure to post in the appropriate sub forums.

    For people posting here:

    1. Please be sure to have some topic in mind when posting. Mods and admin will close threads which consist of an image only and no dialogue. Whether it be a question or a tip on an aspect of photography, you will need to provide some sort of information.

    2. To keep it fair for everyone, PLEASE just only post one thread per day. If you post more than one thread within a 24 hour period, moderators and admins reserve the right to delete excess threads.

    3. Please post no more than four images in the beginning post for example purposes. Further pictures (again, no more than four at a time) can be added after a further 24 hours or after at least two other people have replied to the thread.

    4. Please keep images to 740px on the longest side. Mods reserve the right to resize oversize images or delete them until resized. If you feel it is necessary for us to see a larger size, link to it.

    5. If you request critique on one of your threads, moderators and admins reserve the right to move the thread to a more appropriate location.

    Please use this area to learn about the techniques used in various areas of photography and to share your discoveries. As noted in the rules above, please note that this is different to Share Your Shots or asking for critique on a particular image.
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