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My prints look blue

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  • My prints look blue

    Hi, recently my printer has been printing my photos with a blue haze/tinge to them. My photos look good on the monitor but then have this blue tinge. Do i need to calibrate them. Will my prints then look like what is on the screen? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I am no pro when it comes to this stuff, but it is something I've asked here on the board before. It seems to me that you will need to calibrate your monitor and/or your printer. What you see on your monitor will not necessarily come out the same on print, unfortunately! This is where the whole color calibration issue was frustrating for me! I didn't want to spend money on a calibration software, so I calibrated my monitor manually. I still see some slight differences in my printed shots, but the difference is not too great and is at an acceptable level for me.

    HTH! I'm sure someone else with greater knowledge and expertise will post and help you out further.
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      I had the same issues.

      Calibrating the monitor is important. Otherwise you are not accuratly viewing what the computer is creating.

      The printing issue was brought under control by fiddling with the CS3 printer dialogue and printer driver settings. Too complex to get into here but experimentation ( and a lot of ink) may get you there. Two good books that I have on the subject are:
      Color Confidence by TIm Gray
      Epson Complete guide to Digital Printing by Roc Sheppard (not just for Epson printers)
      Both excellent books!

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