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What to do with Old Version of Photoshop Elements

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  • What to do with Old Version of Photoshop Elements

    Ok, I am probably the only doofus with this question...I did search for it first

    so here we go...bought Photoshop Elements 6, just recently bought Photoshop Elements 11. Can I give my sister the 6 or is that illegal? Can I load it on my laptop (it was on my laptop) or is THAT illegal too?

    I know it says that I can load it on one computer but I didn't know if that meant one computer at a time or one computer ever...

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    Did you register it? If you want to very proper, you could deregister it after uninstalling and then have your sister register it from her computer.

    The licenses for SW are typically for "one computer at a time", so I don't think it should be an issue.

    Perhaps others more familiar with Adobe Systems can advise in more detail.
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