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Photos print out greyed

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  • Photos print out greyed

    It's the weirdest thing. My pictures look vivid and vibrant on the screen, on the net, but when I took them for printing, they came out washed out and grey. One vivid green pic was almost black.

    So I took them to another place, with similar result.

    Last year (which is the last time I had a pic printed), I had a similar result, different camera, different SD card, processed through a different program. That photo went a weird yellow colour (another blue-green pic).

    Very strange. They print out fine as photo books. I could see screen calibration as a possible issue, but they look fine on a friend's screen.

    They are jpg format, converted from RAW

    Any ideas?

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    Is your color profile set to SRGB or adobe. Had similiar problems with my photos. I now calibrate my camera with x-rite colorchecker passport,and my monitor with x-rite colormunki. They now match what I see on my screen. If you want exact match m-pix pro will give you there ICC profile for there printers, witch I use for cvs, walgreens etc. Hopes this helps. it is frustrating to see good pics come out so bad on paper. As far as the equipment it is not cheep a good calibrater cost $100 plus.


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      Many thanks.

      I believe it's sRBG. PS was set to "printer manages colours".

      I saved the files to an SD card. Are the colour profiles embedded in the file?


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        Yes the profile is embedded, sRGB will look great on screen but will make a bad print. If you are sending the file out for printing it does not matter that PS is set to "printer manages colours". sRGB is not a color profile, it is a color space and I suggest that you set your camera and PS to Adobe98 or ProPhoto color space. The print shop should set the color printing profile based on their equipment and the paper chosen.

        If you are printing it yourself set PS to "ps manages colours". and set the profile for your printer and paper.
        Printer profiles can be custom made or found on the paper manufactures website.
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