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Is ACR, Bridge and Photoshop CS6 all I need?

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  • Is ACR, Bridge and Photoshop CS6 all I need?

    I have been using Aperture 3 for a few years. I finally made the financial leap and purchased CS6. I know some photographers use Aperture 3 and PS together, but I'm wondering if I can just take Aperture 3 out of the loop. (I don't have LR.)

    Maybe my question is really: Can I truly do 80% of my editing in ACR, and then major work in PS? Aperture 3 is similar to LR, and I'm really wishing I'd gone for LR back when I made the call to purchase Aperture 3. Alas... can't change the past.

    Does anyone ONLY use ACR, Bridge and PS? Or is there anyone who truly has a successful workflow between Aperture 3 and PS that I could learn from? Thanks!

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    hmmm... good question. I have never used Aperture, so tough call there. I do everything in Photoshop, and use bridge for organization. It's all I need. Some people light lightroom so they can use it to organize and what not. But all of tat is in Bridge. Also, the tools of lightroom are essentially the Photo Raw tools of Photoshop & Bridge. So i'm wondering if you still need Aperture at all any more, especially with how advanced the new tools in Photo Raw & Photoshop are in CS6....
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      I used to work only in PS with it's ACR plugin....
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        Ive never touched Aperture or LR except as trials on other computers. I've always done all my work with CS
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          I used to only use Bridge, ACR, and PS. It works great and does everything. However, once I started using Lightroom, it is pretty much all I use. I may go into PS every now and then, but mainly if I need to clone or heal.

          Essentially, yes, you have all you need to organize and process photos.
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