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Cropping to 8x10, 5x7 standard sizes.

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  • Cropping to 8x10, 5x7 standard sizes.

    I recently took some pics of the kids. I cropped them and liked how they looked. Then went I went to order them from Walgreens I had trouble because when I tried to resize them to 8X10 and 5X7 it would cut part of the picture off.

    What can I do in the future to resize the picture correctly before sending it off to print.
    Also if there is another place to get these printed affordably that others use where is that. I used Shutterfly in the past-but wasn't overly impressed.
    Feeback welcome, tips appreciated.
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    You can use the Crop Tool. On the options bar there are two boxes: one for width and one for height. Just type the size you want, and crop to your liking.

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      First off you need to understand that most (if not all) dSLR's produce images that are 2x3 aspect ratio. So, any image that is a multiple of 2x3 can be produced without any loss of the image in 4x6, 8x12, 16x24, etc. An 8x10, however, is not a 2x3 aspect ratio. It's a 4x5, so you will always have a loss in the image produced by a camera with a 2x3 aspect ratio. If you want to maintain the entire image, print it as an 8x12 instead of an 8x10. An 8x10 will cut off 2 inches off the long length. Try Costco for your prints..very cost effective, and their product can hold it's own against many of the labs. Hope this helps
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        Unless you are very conscience about your composition and framing, you won't know if an image will work as anything other than a 2x3 ratio until you try. Since the images are for yourself, this is fine. You just have to see if the different ratios will work before you try to print them. Some images can work with multiple crops, some can't.