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How do I make a watermark using GIMP?

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  • How do I make a watermark using GIMP?

    Hi everyone!

    Ok, I've searched the web but can't find a tutorial on how to make the kind of watermark I want using GIMP All I want is a simple watermark, no colors, no fancy circles and colors. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    Happy Friday!

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    I got Picasa and need to know the same thing...just found 4 of my photo's on a flyer that I did not authorize....
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      I found my is one for you Emily.

      How to Watermark Digital Art Using GIMP |
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        Watermark in GIMP

        G'day Emily.

        Assuming you know the basics in GIMP. . .

        Open your image and Save As... with an edited filename (such as filename-w) to protect your original image.

        Choose a color with strong contrast with the area of your image where you'll place the watermark (such as black or white), then use the text tool to add your text. Special characters like don't seem to be supported. This adds a new layer.

        Change the text attributes to the typeface, size and so on that you want. Use the Move tool to position your watermark.

        Select the text layer and change its mode to Soft Light.

        This process is not automated as I'm not that clever with GIMP yet, but it is quick, fairly simple and customizable to individual images without too much effort.

        Here's a small example:

        watermark demo

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          Thank you both so much for the advice! I've read that tutorial before and found it a little hard to follow (I'm SUPER new to GIMP, just DL'd it about a week ago) but I'll keep working with it. tjmurph, thank you for the instruction, I'll try this as well to see which one works best for me, but your example is exactly what I want I'm going for!

          Thanks again!!


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            I am using Corel paint shop pro and it gives me an option to use watermarks but I have no idea how to make one or what I need to make it. I want to keep it very simple with just my name or something.


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              To make a watermark that you can use in any image:
              Open GIMP
              You can either use a text layer or whatever artwork you want.
              Add a layer mask
              Use the mask to erase everything you don't want (not always needed on text layer).
              Add a transparent layer.
              Move the transparent layer down to below the text or artwork layer you are using as your watermark.
              Select the text/artwork layer that you have masked.
              Merge down
              Save as something like watermark.xcf

              The xcf extention means that it will remain transparent and not be flattened to white.

              Now you can open any image (Remember to save it as something other than the original image name so that you don't lose your original) and bring your watermark in as a layer, select the watermark layer and make it a bit transparent (50% maybe). Flatten image and post.

              Make sense?
              There might be a shorter way but this is my self taught method. Now if only I could figure out how to do it in batches...


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                Try Photo Pos Pro they have a tutorial on making a watermark. Good Luck


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                  Try Photo Pos Pro they have a tutorial on making a watermark. Good Luck Its Free