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    I may be having the opportunity to photograph a set of twin babies soon. They are way too cute for words! I've worked with children a lot, but not really done many babies yet, let alone two. Have any of you photographed twins, and if so, have suggestions for poses? Thanks.
    It's ok to edit my pics for DPS only / critique is always welcome!

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    Hi, my sister just had her twin girls photographed and she sent me the link to her photographer's blog where she posts the photos she took. She shows all her photos so they might inspire you to try a few things. The link is Moments Photography: June 2009. She even took a great shot when Leyla fell asleep during the session.

    You have to scroll down a little ways,

    Elizabeth and Leyla are my nieces - they are too cute for words. Hope this helps.


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      I did come across this 'twin projekt' or something (Srry I do not remember the name) on someone's flickr set.

      The idea involved

      1. Twin girls aged between 5-7
      2. A huge mirror set in a park/street.
      3. Twins on either sides placed a little away from the mirror
      4. End result was 4 girls!

      Well atleast you have a start, you could be creative with the mirror trick and the twins (babies)

      Also this is what I would like to do (on adult twins though), the same idea as above,

      Same clothing, different expression (one of the expression reflected off the mirror)

      And forever the wolf in me, shall desire the sheep in you.