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  • Nursery and Pre-School Photography - Software

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone here with some experience might be able to offer some advice.

    I'm just moving into nursery and pre-school photography, have set up proof cards and an account with One Vision (who seem great from first impressions), but am just wondering about software compatible with a mac for managing a database of images on the day?

    I looked at Parker Franklin but no emulator on the planet would make this software work on my mac, and when I used a Windows laptop to try it out it seemed bug-tastic...not what I want when I'm trying to photograph a lot of young children - I think that's going to be enough stress on it's own!

    Does anyone have any advice for the best way to manage the images so that you can make sure you keep the child's name tethered to the photographs of them? I'm set up otherwise, but have been having a headache over this for around a week now!

    Thanks all!

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    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with our software Kath.

    Perhaps you could drop us a line on the exact problem so we can investigate.

    We do on occasions have the odd bug as with most software, but usually fix it when it becomes apparent.
    Current around 25% of our customers use our software on MAC with either VM ware or Parallels.
    We cover over 750 schools in the autumn term without any problems often taking images 15 seconds apart.

    Please PM me the details