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"Gummy Smile", How to avoid?

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  • "Gummy Smile", How to avoid?

    Help! Took what I thought was a decent pic of an over 55 woman for her personal site and she hates one and all because of her "gummy" smile... for those not in the know, huge smile, lots of top row gum showing. I thought she was fabulous and comfortable but no. Any tricks to downplay a gummy smile short of quit the smiling already which doesn't seem very com-hither of her. Thank you, thank you... I am going to re-shoot and NOT in the full sun at her beach this time! Scared but willing to learn and try again. BJ

    [IMG]Laughing for real[/IMG]
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    If it were me, and I was in a pinch, I would open the image up in PS and add just a TEENY TINY bit of upper lip to help hide her "gummy smile". But, that's just me...
    wHy sO sErIoUs?


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      i have a friend who feels the same way about her smile......all gum and not so much compensate, she usually will not give a convincing smile.....the few times i've photographed her and the pulls that not so smiling smile.......i tell her.....lips together and start the smile......after a frame or two, she will give me a smile that's wider but still has her lips riding over her gums.....

      all teeth and some gum......if that makes sense......

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        Originally posted by bkjerabek View Post
        Any tricks to downplay a gummy smile short of quit the smiling already which doesn't seem very com-hither of her.
        Using PSE recompose.


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          Gum Solutions...

          Thank you so, so much all! I think I'm leaning towards the slow smile and shoot as it appears. I'm not PS savy yet... and I'm not sure I want to open the hide it can of worms. Very, very cool what you did with her lip though!! Amazing. I'm very nervous about this and actually think she looks wonderful with who she is. Thank you for all the input. BJ


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            You know, I think I'm just hard this way but, I'm sorry... if you look like that when you smile, your pictures should look like that too. Isn't the whole point of a portrait to have an accurate representation of yourself? (OK, not always... but you get my point.) I don't think there's anything wrong with her in that first shot. (Pardon my short rant on how it bugs me that people can't be honest with themselves...)


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              Your smile is your smile

              I agree to a point. I thought she looked amazing and like someone I would like to know. She can only see her gums. Like excessive weight or chins I'm hoping at a reshoot I can downplay the gum with the slow, bring on your smile look that catches some not so gummy smiles. I think this might be futile but it's a challenge I thought I'd have a go at.


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                It's all about the client in the end, right? I often wonder how I'll deal with this when I move forward into the world of portraits. I took a pic of my mother yesterday and her first comment was "You're not supposed to show my arm fat."


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                  Too gummy?

                  I've heard that taking a picture from up above the person with her looking up, and her chin slightly down is a great way to take pictures.. should hide some of the gums too.