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how to use External flash on Outdoor Portraiture?

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  • how to use External flash on Outdoor Portraiture?

    Been practicing my external flash and Remote flash trigger indoors. One of my colleagues ask me if i could join their photoshoot this coming november. It's a fashion / glamour photoshoot in an outdoor setting. (public park.) Is there any tips on doing outdoor fashion shoot with using an external flash? I know there's enough light outside, (thanks to the sun) but i think it would be a great opportunity on using the flash. time would be 12noon until 6pm. (or until the sun goes down).

    are there any tips on tweaking my camera settings and flash? btw, i have a mini-softbox diffuser that can lessen light by about 2stops.

    thanks in advance guys!
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    the less light the better

    what triggers do you have?
    i'm guessing they wont have TTL.. which will limit your shutterspeed to like 1/200th ish.

    are you familiar with ? (shooting manual flash and manual mode on the camera?)

    you will want to make sure your stand doesnt blow over (assistant or sandbag)

    make sure the flash is exposing the person a stop or two (to taste) brighter than the background

    kinda hard to give specifics without a specific question i guess.. i hope this helps anyway.
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      hey thanks for the link! that's what i want to do. balancing ambient light to flash... great link indeed!
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