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Taking photos facing the sun

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  • Taking photos facing the sun

    I have a Canon EOS 1000D DSLR and have been using it to take a lot of images of my daughter and of the landscape around where we live. The winter light looks great, but with the sun so low in the sky I feel limited as to the angles I can get.

    The instructions for the camera say not to take photos facing the sun as it can burn the camera's internals. However, can anyone offer any tips for taking pictures with the sun in shot? Are there any techniques, or even a filter, that can allow me to get the shots I want?

    Thanks very much - all help for a DSLR newbie much appreciated

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    Welcome to DPS. You are at the right palce for helpful advice.

    People take shots into the sun all the time and I've never heard of internals buring. I wouldn't leave it there for a long time or leave the shutter open for ages but taking pics should be fine.

    Loads of techniques that can be used and most of them have loads of info already so I won't go into detail but here are a few headings to get you going.

    Use small aperture to get a star shaped sun
    Graduated ND filter to reduce exposure of the sky
    Try a silhoutte by exposing for the sky
    Recompose with the sun out of shot - The low light will give great contrast.

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      Thanks Fletch. The thing that was making me nervous is that the manual says,

      "Do not point the camera toward the sun. The sun's heat can scorch and damage the shutter curtains".

      But so long as I'm not leaving it pointed toward the sun for a long time I should be OK?

      Thanks for the advice.


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        Welcome, u02cdh!

        One of the weekly assignments this summer was "Contre Jour." Here is a link to the thread. You may find helpful information, and will definitely find some great photos!

        You might also want to do a search for "contre jour" on this forum to see what comes up.

        Good luck!
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          Thanks Debbie - there are some great photos there.

          I certainly feel a lot better about taking photos with the sun in shot. Shame it's dark here now I'll have to give it a go tomorrow!


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            Does the 1000D have live view? If it does, that's probably why they tell people not to take pics of the sun since live view exposes the censor the whole time.

            Otherwise, if you're taking pics normally, you should be just fine.
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