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how to make pictures more vibrant and crisp

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  • how to make pictures more vibrant and crisp


    I have a 450D with kit lens (still saving for a telephoto lens).
    i would like to know if how can i make my pictures strong in terms of colors and make them crisp and vibrant?
    is there any settings i need to check in terms of saturation/ color tone?
    whats the best setting to use if there are any street celebration?

    hoping someone can help or tell me the settings.

    Thanks again

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    If you're shooting JPEG, learn about the Picture Styles and the various controls in the picture styles. See pp. 67-68, and 82-86 of the XSi/450D manual. Also see Canon's Picture Style web site:

    If you're shooting Raw, the appearance of your images is controlled by the software that you're using for the Raw conversion. I can only refer you to the manual for that software, and to the "Post Processing and Printing" forum on this site:


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      how about in settings of saturation, contrast and sharpness?

      how should i set it?