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How to fold a "collapsible" light reflector

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  • How to fold a "collapsible" light reflector

    I received a 5-in-1 light reflector panel as a gift yesterday -- 40"x 60" -- the full size of which was unknown to me when I took the folded panel out of it's case. When I began to open it up, it suddenly sprang to full size, knocking the stemware off the table and smacking my spouse in the head. It was the surprise gift of the day, really, with all the calamity and subsequent laughter it caused. Then came time to put it away. Yeah, right. It came with no instructions. Three of us took turns trying to conquer it, and after more laughter and some select profanity, we gave up, opting instead to let it spend the night propped up against the living room wall.

    This morning there it stood, still unfolded. I wondered if anyone else had felt as stupidly as I for not being able to refold their reflector. So I searched Google and, lo and behold, found scads of how-to videos. Thought I'd share a couple of the videos here just in case there is someone out there who, like myself, was too embarrassed to ask anyone directly for help...

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    Thanks for the laugh! I have one of those reflectors. They are so entertaining to hand off to people and have them open. Someday I might even use it for it's intended purpose!
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      Heh Heh I LOL'd at your story
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        I did the same thing with mine! For the longest time after I got it, I just kept it open because I couldn't figure out how the hell to fold it up, LOL! I also finally gave in and googled how to fold it up. Took me a few tries but now I can do it really quickly.

        I always warn clients that it has a life of its own before I snap it open - it's scared the crap out of a few people, LOL!
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