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    Hi Guys,

    I have only one lens 18-55, I know it's not good enough to take a great landscape photos. But if still someone would tell me what gears i require to take a good landscape photos i would be thankful.

    I gone through video tutorial on internet and came to know i need few filters, I already have tripod with me.
    1. CPL
    2. ND

    Would anybody please inform me what other things I require, apart from another wide angle lens or zoom lens

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    The 18-55 is somewhat limiting, but it's not true that it's not good enough for taking good landscape shots. What's limiting about it is it's wide end (18mm) but not every landscape shot requires super wide lens and superb image quality, which I'm sure is decent. Take a look at my flickr photostream, almost all the photos were taken with Nikon 18-105mm lens. I'm not trying to say that my photos are great, just that you can do a lot with that lens. Those limitations will make you work harder to find good subjects.

    Your tripod is your best friend.
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      +1 to what Milosh said.. Tripod is definitely your friend.. And I can recommend a ND Grad filter. 18-55 is a little limiting, but you can certainly get good landscape photos within your lenses abilitiy.

      This one's 20mm

      Lac Derborance

      This one 34mm

      Smile.. Don't make me press this shutter release twice!
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        It's not the equipment that makes a photographer. I've seen my share of stunning photographers in my day taken with kit lenses including yours. It's a perfectly acceptable lens for landscapes and there is no need to spend a fortune on lenses to practice and become a good photographer. What you have will work fine.

        I agree with Jon and Milosh...a tripod is a MUST for landscape photography. Get the best you can afford. Again, you don't have to spend a large fortune but do get the best you can. It's one of those photography items that will never go out of style or require you to keep is what it is.

        And a set of ND grads as well as a circular polarizer are other items that will make your life better.

        Hope that helps!

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