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opportunity to make photographs for city website

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  • opportunity to make photographs for city website

    I emailed the people at the city building the other day as I was browsing their site and noticed a lot of the photos are outdated. I offered to make photos for them to help build my portfolio and also give my shots some exposure. Since I am an amateur photog, a lot of my shots are within my city already. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions or tips for me as I embark on this. Also curious how to go about getting my information attached to the picture on the site for a little exposure, I would rather keep them non watermarked and clean, maybe have a title underneath the image. How do you convey to the person that is what you would like before submitting any shots, I don't want to sound too demanding. Well, I will stop rambling, I am just a little new at this, and this will be my first actual work for another person in specific other than just working with friends, etc. I am still building my portfolio and trying to also get additional equipment. Does anyone know of a good way to build a relationship in my situation with the city to possibly get some equipment paid for by them for the shots? Just a thought. Thanks for any tips anyone has.

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    I'd add a virtual matte to each photo that has your contact information and copyright information (something like Scott Kelby did with these, though quite a bit smaller -- perhaps an inch on each side of the photo or maybe only an inch on the bottom).

    By submitting the photos like this, you make the "matte" a part of the composition that cannot be removed without your approval (or a violation of your copyright). And done correctly it will be tasteful enough that the customer shouldn't even think about removing it.


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      Doug's idea for watermarking is better than most.

      As for getting them to buy you equipment, not likely.
      Best chance is to submit some shots they like a lot, then ask if there is anything in particular they would like...then tell them you "can't" because you would need a lens you don't have but would be more than happy to provide the pic if they "provide" the lens.
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        Although the matte around the edge is a great idea in general, I don't think the city would want those on the pictures. My brother is the web designer for my county and so just from knowing kinda how the city and county government work, they would probably give credits at the bottom of their pages or beneath pictures, but won't a digital matte around each of there photos. In their mind, it would distract from the purpose of the photos (displaying the city). They will probably want clean images they can work with. Just a thought.