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  • Which filter?

    Hi, I am going to purchase a cannon 100-400 mm lens for wildlife photos. Which filter would you say is a must have, and which would be nice to have??? Thanks for any help.

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    If you will be shooting near water during mid day you might want to use a PL or maybe a ND filter to cut glare, other than that you shouldn't NEED any filter.
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      For wildlife, you shouldn't need a filter.

      A CP filter will cut glare on water or shiny objects. This isn't really a big deal when shooting wildlife. It would also cut down the amount of light entering your lens, slowing your shutter speed down and that's undesirable for wildlife, especially with a big telephoto.

      The ND filter won't cut glare at all; it will reduce the amount of light entering the lens slowing down shutter speed.

      Some would say you should put a protective/UV filter on all your lenses, but that's debatable.
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        You should be using a hood. It protects the front element, and it will prevent glare and flaring, when the sun is not in the frame.
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          Thank you all. I will get a protective/UV filter, just because it makes me feel better to have it!! The lens does have a hood and I may get the CP because I live in FL and will be taking photos of birds on the beach. Again thanks!!