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NX1000 dynamic range equal to good ol' Fuji S6500fd

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  • NX1000 dynamic range equal to good ol' Fuji S6500fd

    So I bought the Samsung NX1000 as a step-up from my Fuji S6500fd. Seemed like quite a good camera - sensor not as amazing as NEX, but instead +- 3EV bracketing and good menus.

    But today I decided to look into its dynamic range and compared it with my Fuji.
    I found that:
    - NX1000 helplessly whites out at +3EV (...would you call that DSLR quality, Samsung experts?)
    - its dynamic range in JPG is essentially just the same as Fuji S6500fd.

    However... it's 2012... NX1000 has an APS-C sensor... Digital camera manufacturers have already realized that highlight range is good, also in jpg... and yet there's no improvement over an advanced freaking compact camera from 2006 with a 1/1.7'' sensor? COME ON!

    Maybe I should've bought a NEX-5n and I would've noticed some reasonable difference?
    Plus, I don't care about pushing it in RAW. I mean, I will obviously do it, but what moron would destroy highlight range in jpg processing, provided they have the range? There's something wrong with Samsung, apparently...

    Here is some real-world comparison. Out of camera, roughly the same exposure:

    Fuji's compact S6500fd with a tiny sensor from 2006:

    Samsung's APS-C mirrorless camera from 2012:

    I'm a little sad, guys... I was saving money for this...
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