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Panasonic DMC-G3 - Timer and AF Help?

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  • Panasonic DMC-G3 - Timer and AF Help?


    I bought my new Panasonic G3 a couple months ago and I still have yet to find a solution to this problem. The user manual has no information on it. Basically, if I am taking a self portrait or a family picture (that I am also in), I need to use the 10 second timer on the camera. I want it to focus RIGHT before the pictures is taken. However, if I set up the 10 second timer and click down the shutter (whether in continuous AF, face tracking, etc,) it first focuses, THEN begins the timer. What I need it to do is focus three meters away on my family, 10 seconds later, once I am in position!

    Is there anyone who owns a Panasonic G3 and has found a way to do this? I am beginning to think it may be impossible. My old old digital camera focused at the end of the self-timer count down, so this has been a disappointment to me so far.

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    Don't think you can change the way the camera behaves.

    Why not pre-focus on some temporary object placed where you're going to be (i.e., have someone hold a hand or stand where you're going to be in the shot), or stop down the lens (use a smaller aperture/larger f-number) to increase the depth of field so focusing isn't so critical?

    It's either that, or getting a remote shutter control that will let you do the half press, and avoid using the timer altogether.
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      Sadly, you're probably right. I was just hoping I was missing some menu option haha..

      Prefocusing might not work for self portraits, but would for family ones. That's what I have been doing thus far. Using a smaller aperture is a good idea, thanks! I never thought of that, but I think that should help a bit! In the end though, I may follow your advice and buy a remote shutter.