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    Hey everyone!
    I just found an old Minolta X-370 in my Dad's closet. I knew he had a nice camera (for the time) when I was a kid! I'm guessing it was nice anyway.
    Does anyone know anything about this camera? It's got me really excited, I really want to get some use out of it. Obviously it takes film, anyone know what kind I should get? Thanks!
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    Sure - I remember that camera what do you want to know?
    It was one of the entry level minolta slrs. It has an aperture priority mode or you can shoot in manual. Inside the viewfinder it uses a led light to indicate the shutter speed.

    Film...probably just pick up some color 35mm print film 200 or 400 iso.
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      So this may sound stupid, but what's the difference in films with ISO of 200 or 400?
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        Originally posted by jess128 View Post
        So this may sound stupid, but what's the difference in films with ISO of 200 or 400?
        Sensitivity to light and grain. Higher ASA/ISO means more sensitive (faster shutter speed, smaller aperture), but the grain is coarser. I'm not sure about that particular body, but you may have to set the film speed manually. The rolls are coded, and many cameras automatically recognize the ISO, but some do not.

        Each move up (e.g. 200 to 400) is double the sensitivity. Each move down is half.

        The other thing to try is slide film, something like Fuji Velvia.

        If you like BW, I'm a big fan of Kodak Tri-X and TMax.
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          First, go here Minolta X-370 instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals to download the manual. Then you have a better chance of getting good photos.

          See if you can check the battery (s). Many Minoltas had a battery check function. A local camera shop may be able to recommend a substitute for obsolete batteries. The manual will give directions, and voltage requirements.

          Then load a roll of film and have fun.

          Your local drugstore may be able to process your film and scan to a CD. I do not get 4x6 prints on the first run, I have only the ones I like printed later. You can look at the photos on the computer, which will also verify the camera operation.

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