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VR vs non VR lens

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  • VR vs non VR lens

    I am wondering if there is any great difference between the 18-55 VR (not ED glass) and non VR 18-55 (ED glass) lens that comes as part of a kit?
    It seems that the D60 has a VR in the kit which is non ED glass. Is this an improvement?

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    ED is really important.
    and at range 18-55 i still think that i dont really need VR beacuse i just need speed 1/55 and on my experince i still can do a sharp focus on 1/30.. so i think just buy the non VR one and save the margin for the better and greater lenses
    Nikon D40 + 18-55 +18-200VR
    Just a newbie here. Not very good in english but im trying my best . I love this forum so much. Please give me a clue how to be an active member here...

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