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  • D3100 Focusing

    I just got my d3100. Its my first dslr. I had an old film one and I had no problem focusing. But now it seems like I think I have stuff in focus then when I look at them on the computer its blurry or soft. Any suggestions or tips on what I can do? Is it just my bad eyes haha

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    Examples would be beneficial, along with the EXIF data for them.
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      What settings is the camera on? What lens? The kit lens?

      To many possibilities, post a couple shots and let us see them.
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        I don't have any recommendations for you, nor do I know how to "fix" it... just wanted to chime in and let you know you're not alone.

        I got my D3100 for Christmas and have been rather disappointed with the clarity of my pix. Every once in a while, I'll get one that's spot on, but for the most part, I'm puzzled why my pix aren't as sharp as I'd hoped.
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          Just a few thoughts to consider:
          1) too slow shutter speed causing camera shake
          2) subject moves or movement. Even a little may cause soft focus on your subject
          3) shooting in the wrong focus mode. If camera is set to continuous, it will allow you to shoot your subject before focus is locked in. One shot, or single shot will not let you take the shot unless focus is locked in
          4) wide apertures = thin DOF = focus to be critical
          5) are you selecting the focus point on what you want, or letting the camera do it in the auto modes?
          6) quickly jerking the shutter and therefore the camera when taking your shot
          These are but a few of the possible causes, but it doesn't rule out the possibility of a bad lens or bad body. It also doesn't rule out lenses that front focus or back focus
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            Yeah, there's a lot of questions that we need answers to first. Being a D3100 owner, the only time I've really had much of an issue, is when using a filter. Is the auto focus turned on? Is your lens VR? If so, do you have it turned on? Are you using primarily film lenses with a digital camera?
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